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Step-by-step instructions on how to update the client secret in the Microsoft Azure Portal for integrating your website's Appointment Scheduler (Amelia) and Outlook calendars. These instructions will help ensure that your Amelia-Outlook integration remains functional and up-to-date.


Why do I need to update my Client Secret?

Microsoft has a set expiration date for Client Secrets, typically 1-2 years from the date of creation, to maintain the security of their services. By updating the Client Secret, you ensure the protection of your data and maintain the security of your Amelia and Outlook calendar integration.




  1. Go to the Azure portal at https://portal.azure.com/#home.

  2. Under Azure services, find and choose "Azure Active Directory." If you cannot find it in the first row, click on the "More services" option on the right side and find it.

  3. Navigate to the App Registrations section, which is located in the left-hand menu.

  4. Find and select the app that you are using to connect your Amelia calendar to your Outlook calendar. This will typically be the app that you created when you first set up the connection.

  5. Under the app's "Manage" section, select "Certificates & secrets" from the left-hand menu.

  6. Under the "Client secrets" section, you should see your current client secret. To update it, click on the "New client secret" button.

  7. Enter a description for the new secret (e.g., "Amelia Outlook Connection Secret 2023").

  8. Choose an expiration date for the secret. Keep in mind that this secret will expire every 1-2 years, so you will need to update it annually.

  9. Click "Add" to generate the new client secret.

  10. The new client secret will be displayed in the portal. Be sure to copy it and save it somewhere secure, as you will need to use it to update your Amelia calendar settings.

  11. Under the same "Manage" section, you can find the "Overview" page. On this page, you can find the "Application (client) ID" field, which is your client ID. Be sure to copy and save it, as you will also need it to update your Amelia calendar settings.

  12. Log in to your taxPRO website using your credentials. If you need help logging in, you can follow the instructions on this page: How do I log in to my taxPRO website?

  13. Once you are logged in, navigate to the "Appointment" section of your website.

  14. Click on "Settings" in the Appointment section's left-hand menu.

  15. Select "Integrations" from the "Settings" page.

  16. Press the "Outlook Calendar" integration section.

  17. Enter the "Client ID" and "Client Secret" that you generated in the Microsoft Azure Portal into the appropriate fields under the "Outlook Calendar" integration.

  18. Save. All done!


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