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This article will guide you through the process of setting up and using Google Meet Integration in the Amelia Appointment Scheduler.

Getting Started with Google Meet Integration

Before you can use Google Meet for scheduling and holding online meetings, you need to set up Google Calendar synchronization and connect your employees to their Google Calendars. To set up your Google Calendar, refer to Google Calendar Integration with the Appointment Scheduler.

Connecting Google Calendar to Employees

Once you have configured your Google Calendar settings, go to the Employees page and click on an individual employee's profile to open it for editing. In the Employee profile, you will find an option to connect the employee's calendar to Google Calendar. Click on the "Sign in with Google" button, and you will be prompted to choose a Google account and connect it. After connecting the account, return to the employee's profile, click "Save," and the integration is complete.

Enabling Google Meet

Navigate to the Settings page, open the Integration Settings, and in the Google Calendar section, enable the "Google Meet" feature and click "Save."

You are now ready to use Google Meet for your online appointments. Every time a new appointment is scheduled, it will be added to the Employee's calendar and if you enable the option "Send Event Invitation Email" in the Amelia Appointment Scheduler, your customers will receive an invitation from Google Calendar to add the appointment to their calendars. In the event, on the Google Calendar, a blue Google Meet button will be displayed, allowing both the employee and customer to join the meeting.

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