Block off Longer Appointments

The premise: Our taxPRO scheduling software is setup to do either 30 minute or hourly appts. But, what if you wish to set your client to a longer schedule, without allowing others to book this amount of time on your website?

Example: Let's say you wish to set up your client Joe Smith for a 3 hour block instead of 1 hour. This little tip will allow you to adjust this schedule.

To start, you create hidden "Service Blocks" that you can assign to these specific customers as needed. Here is an example of how to set up new blocks.

How do I allow for more time with a client?

1. Go to Scheduler after logging in. Click on Services.
2. Click Add and create a new service called "Counsel" (you can call it whatever will help you remember what this block is for)
3. Place it into a category of choosing. Use default if necessary.
4. Set the duration to how long you want the block. So, let's say you want a 2 hour or 3 hour block. Basically create whatever schedule you will need.
4. Now, find the option "Show service on site" and make sure it is OFF. This allows only an employee to choose this block for an appointment.
5. Assign that service to the employee who needs the extra blocks of time. If every Employee needs it, just add them all.

One suggestion is to create titles that make sense, like "Counsel - 2HR" and a "Counsel - 3HR". You are just creating bigger blocks of time you can then assign to any Customer with a scheduled appt, and adjusting it to be longer as needed.

Make sure to save your new "Service Blocks". Now, when you receive an appointment, you can change to one of your options by clicking "Pending Appointments" after logging in to your site. Click the edit button for the appointment you wish to change. Replace the assigned service with one of the new "Counsel" service blocks.

NOTE: This will not take into account any previously scheduled appointments. So, let's say you plan to have Joe Smith for 3 hours. But, in that 2nd hour, Jane Doe is previously scheduled. You will have to manually edit Jane Doe first. Move her schedule to a proper time or reschedule for another day. Then add your new "Service Block" to Joe's appointment.



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