Checking your Spam Folder / Service

To access Spam Controls

  1. Make sure you are logged in to your customer panel []
  2. Click on the "SERVICES" box
  3. Look for the 'SpamX' hosting plan. Look for the word "ACTIVE" in green on the right and click it.
    [NOTE: If the word Active does not exist, your service may be disabled. Send an email to]
  4. Scroll down, and you will see "Login to Panel". click this to access the Spam Control System.

If you do NOT see this plan, then follow these steps to get to your spam controls.

  1. Click on "Services" box
  2. Find your hosting plan (may say taxPRO or Managed Hosting or Linux "Bronzew, Silver or Gold"
  3. Click 'Active' next to that plan.
  4. On the left hand side look for "Login to Cpanel" and click
  5. Scroll and look for 'Professional Spam Control'

Click this item and follow the directions to login

You are now on the SpamExperts Dashboard. Here are some common tasks...

Check if an email was received
Click on Log Search for INCOMING. You can search by Date, Name, Domain and more...

Allow a users email address to send you mail
Scroll down. On the left look for WHITELIST/BLACKLIST. Click Sender Whitelist and add a sender or search for previous senders who may have been blocked.

Block an email address or domain from sending you mail
Same as ALLOW sender, but use Blacklist Sender

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