Manage your Domain Email Accounts

1. Log in to your customer control panel (
2. Click or hover over "My Account" on the top right and click "My Services".
3. Look for your hosting plan (it will have a name like Managed WordPress, taxPRO website, or Business Email). Look for the word "ACTIVE" in green on the right. Click the Active button. If the word Active does not exist, your service may be disabled. Send an email to or open a ticket explaining the issue.
4. Scroll down, and you will see "Quick Create Email Account". Add your new email account and password. You may also click on "Email Accounts". This will allow you to manage all of your email accounts and control aspects like disk quota or update the password.

Quick Shortcuts Image

Manage an Account

Manage an Email Account

Admin access to the users control panel is easily accessible. After logging in to the email admin panel, click on ‘Manage‘ next to the email account you wish to edit.

Manage an Email Account 2

From this panel, you can quickly change the password, increase disk space and get some quick links to various settings.. (see image above)

Manage an Email Account 3

If you scroll down, you can also limit access to features. For example, block sending or receiving, and even remove an account completely.

(NOTE: Users can only manage their features using Webmail.)

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