How do I start a Tax Pro

Starting a new Tax Pro is easy. Just choose the plan you want. Make sure to decide on your design you need a logo, make sure to note the logo number

When purchasing, you will have several other questions about your site, social media and certifications. Once you complete your purchase, it enters our development queue. Soon you will receive an email noting the development time (currently up to 72 hours, but could be done in 24-48 hours).

If you wish to help speed things up, remember to create a ticket and let us know of any changes to your home page, like services you offer, email addresses or any information that is different from the design you chose.

We will notify you when the site is ready for review. We take care of the rest, including your launch and submission of your site to Google.

Make sure to check out our other services like SEO and Social Media if you need that extra boost.
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