Email DNS Records for Domains Elsewhere

If your domain is registered with another registrar, you will need to edit your DNS records to allow email to work. The following records need to be added or changed.  Remember to replace <> with your actual domain. (example: We suggest if you do not understand these settings to contact your current Registrar for assistance. We can also help with your setup for a minimal fee. Please open a ticket at 

(See further notes below about caveats)

MX Priority: 5 Priority: 10


webmail.<> ->
smtp.<> -> (Port 465 or if issues 587 with STARTTLS)
pop.<> -> (Port 995)
imap.<> -> (Port 993)
cp.<> -> (users control panel)

autodiscover.<> ->
autoconfig.<> ->


SPF adjust -

For this final item, we suggest that you look at your current record, find the ending -all ...also sometimes listed as ~all... and then add the include: before that -a / ~a
(example: v=spf1 +a +mx "whatever your current record shows" ~all)


If none of this makes sense, we suggest you contact your current registrar and ask for their assistance.

The MX entry must REPLACE whatever exists currently for MX. After you have made your changes, these are the only two MX records that should exist. Any extra MX records could cause delivery failures.

The A RECORDS should also be the only existing records using the words autodiscover and autoconfig. These records are specific to Outlook and Thunderbird and are important for proper operation of that software. If any other records called autodiscover or autoconfig exist, please replace or remove for these records.

If you have any questions, please open a ticket at

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